Mid-IR Supercontinuum Generation

Journal: Advanced Photonics 2018 (BGPP, IPR, NP, NOMA, Sensors, Networks, SPPCom, SOF)

Authors: Fuerbach, A., Hudson, D., Jackson, S., Antipov, S., Woodward, R., Li, L., Alamgir, I., El Amraoui, M., Messaddeq, Y. and Rochette, M.

Variation and Likeness in Ambient Artistic Portraiture

Journal: Perception

Authors: Hayes, S., Rheinberger, N., Powley, M., Rawnsley, T., Brown, L., Brown, M., Butler, K., Clarke, A., Crichton, S., Henderson, M., McCosker, H., Musgrave, A., Wilcock, J., Williams, D., Yeaman, K., Zaracostas, T. S., Taylor, A. C. and Wallace, G.

Tunable 2D binary colloidal alloys for soft nanotemplating

Journal: Nanoscale

Authors: Fernández-Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel, Elnathan, Roey, Ditcovski, Ran, Grillo, Fabio, Conley, Gaurasundar Marc, Timpu, Flavia, Rauh, Astrid, Geisel, Karen, Ellenbogen, Tal, Grange, Rachel, Scheffold, Frank, Karg, Matthias, Richtering, Walter, Voelcker, Nicolas H. and Isa, Lucio

Sulfur polymer composites as controlled-release fertilisers

Journal: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry

Authors: Mann, Maximilian, Kruger, Jessica E., Andari, Firas, McErlean, Joshua, Gascooke, Jason R., Smith, Jessica A., Worthington, Max J. H., McKinley, Cheylan C. C., Campbell, Jonathan A., Lewis, David A., Hasell, Tom, Perkins, Michael V. and Chalker, Justin M.

In-plane anisotropic and ultra-low-loss polaritons in a natural van der Waals crystal

Journal: Nature 2018 562:7728

Authors: Weiliang, Ma, Pablo, Alonso-González, Shaojuan, Li, Y, Nikitin Alexey, Jian, Yuan, Javier, Martín-Sánchez, Javier, Taboada-Gutiérrez, Iban, Amenabar, Peining, Li, Saül, Vélez, Christopher, Tollan, Zhigao, Dai, Yupeng, Zhang, Sharath, Sriram, Kourosh, Kalantar-Zadeh, Shuit-Tong, Lee, Rainer, Hillenbrand and Qiaoliang, Bao

Magnetically sensitive nanodiamond-doped tellurite glass fibers

Journal: Scientific Reports

Authors: Ruan, Yinlan, Simpson, David A., Jeske, Jan, Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Heike, Lau, Desmond W. M., Ji, Hong, Johnson, Brett C., Ohshima, Takeshi, Afshar V, Shahraam, Hollenberg, Lloyd, Greentree, Andrew D., Monro, Tanya M. and Gibson, Brant C.

In situ handheld three‐dimensional bioprinting for cartilage regeneration

Journal: Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Authors: border-box, Claudia Di Bella, initial, display:, none, float:, icomoon, font-family:, normal, font-style:, normal, font-variant:, 400, font-weight:, 1, line-height:, 0px, margin-bottom:, 3px, margin-left:, 0px, margin-right:, 0px, margin-top:, none, text-transform:, 0s, transition-delay:, 0.5s, transition-duration:, transform, transition-property:, ease, transition-timing-function:, ">, Duchi, Serena, O'Connell, Cathal D., Blanchard, Romane, Augustine, Cheryl, Yue, Zhilian, Thompson, Fletcher, Richards, Christopher, Beirne, Stephen, Onofrillo, Carmine, Bauquier, Sebastien H., Ryan, Stewart D., Pivonka, Peter, Wallace, Gordon G. and Choong, Peter F.

Moving Droplets in 3D Using Light

Journal: Advanced Materials

Authors: Xiao, Y., Zarghami, S., Wagner, K., Wagner, P., Gordon, K. C., Florea, L., Diamond, D. and Officer, D. L.

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