Heidelberg Instruments webinar recordings are now available

A series of webinars on specialist processes available through Heidelberg Instruments and Nanovacuum is now available online.

Presented by Heidelberg’s equipment experts, the series covered 5 separate tools, including key application examples and fabrication tips and tricks.

Topics are:

  • MLA Direct Laser Writer Webinar: Maskless Aligner – Fast prototyping without photo masks
  • DWL Greyscale Laser Lithography Webinar: Grayscale Laser Lithography with Heidelberg Instruments DWL Series
  • ULTRA Lithography Webinar: ULTRA Semiconductor photomask Lithography with Heidelberg Instruments
  • NanoFrazor: A Nanolithography Tool for 2D & 3D devices Webinar
  • 3D Lithography via Two-Photon Polymerization Webinar: LithoProf3D-GSII – 3D Lithography via Two-Photon Polymerization

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