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Ultrasonic milling is a subtractive process that uses focused sound waves and an abrasive agent to remove materials.

An oscillating part is used to vibrate small particles suspended in a fluid to gradually scratch away at a highly specific part of a substrate. This technique is well suited to milling...

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DMG Mori DMU 20 linear Ultrasonic (UoA)

Ultrasonic simultaneous 5-axis machining.



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  • Description

    Kinematic superposition of the tool rotation with an additional oscillation, traditionally difficult to machine high-performance materials can now be machined with excellent results.

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    X-axis – 200mm
    Y-axis – 200mm.
    Surface finish: Ra <0.1µm Z-axis - 280mm Worktable: Dimensions - 370x200mm Load - 10kg Work piece - 200x200mm

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