Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (t-SPL)

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Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (t-SPL) is a 3D direct-write lithography technique that provides sub-10nm resolution with sub-2nm vertical accuracy in ambient conditions.

A 1,000°C cantilevered tip sublimates PPA resist as it scans over a sample, before the tip quickly cools to provide real-time...

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SwissLitho NanoFrazor (MCN)

Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (t-SPL) system



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  • Description

    1st Nanofrazor in Australia and 7th in the world.

    Operates at ambient temperature, pressure, low voltage, and under N2 atmosphere.

    Not reliant on ion gun or electron beam which is good when processing sensitive materials and devices.

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    Uses a 1,000°C cantilever tip to sublimate PPA resist.

    Sub -10nm resolution, <2nm vertical accuracy

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