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3D printing involves taking a model and slicing into layers, then printing these layers on top of one another to recreate a 3D component.

It’s an incredibly quick way to produce unique parts, or for small production runs, and is massively useful when wanting to quickly create prototypes.

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Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT (UQ)

100-nanometre resolution 3D printer



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  • Description

    3D Printing with a minimum voxel size of 100 x 350 nm. The dual photon technology is used to construct high resolution and complex structures in polymers (such as AZ resist, SU8 and proprietary IP resists from Nanoscribe).

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    Uses a IR femto second laser to concentrate pulses to within a small polymerisation volume equivalent to UV light.

    Within this volume polymerisation occurs to create nanoscale 3D structures.

    Resists sensitive to UV light can be used.

    Substrates can be up to 5 inch square.

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