We're ready to help the response to COVID-19

ANFF is reassigning components of its equipment portfolio of 500+ fabrication tools to prioritise work essential to critical COVID-19 operations.

We are currently assisting at least 20 projects at 5 different sites across the country that directly relate to the COVID virus, covering the immediate response, diagnostic equipment, validation processes, and fundamental research.

If you are working to fight the COVID-19 crisis, please contact ANFF to see if there’s anything we can do – assistance can be provided.

In addition to R&D assistance, we can be used to fill temporary supply gaps for replacement parts using novel 3D printing, laser scanning, laser cutting, CNC micromilling and far more.

If there might be something we can do to help, please contact our dedicated address: FightingCOVID@anff.org.au.

If you know someone working in this space, download this flyer and send it on.

Read the letter from ANFF’s CEO about ANFF and our next steps here.

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Skin-deep sensing to predict COVID patient’s needs

A new sensor from QLD-based company, WearOptimo, could provide medical professionals with a tool to forecast which COVID-19 patients are on the path to severe respiratory distress allowing earlier, more appropriate treatment… Read more

UoN Roll-to-roll printing repurposed from solar cells to PPE

ANFF’s Materials Node at the University of Newcastle has begun creating facemasks at scale to provide frontline workers that are tackling Covid with access to PPE. The project, which has seen 2,000 masks created, has been covered in the Sydney Morning Herald, Times Higher Education, and the University of Newcastle website.

3D printing face shields to protect against Coronavirus

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Updates from our NCRIS partners

Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA)'s COVID-19 Rapid Response vouchers available

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, TIA’s network of core facilities and screening facilities continue to be accessible by all researchers. These facilities enable therapeutic development projects in support of national and international efforts to combat COVID-19.

​In response to COVID-19 pandemic, TIA is launching a voucher-style researcher access scheme, called Pipeline Accelerator COVID-19. This round of scheme is designed to respond quickly to the needs of researchers and industry engaged in research related to COVID-19.

Find out more here: https://www.therapeuticinnovation.com.au/accelerator

Updates to access

Due to the current restrictions in place to combat the spread of COVID-19, there have been some changes to access poilicies at ANFF nodes.

For the latest information, please visit the following sites.

Node updates


For information about access to ANU, please click here.


For information about access to the Materials Node, please contact the team.


For information about access to UNSW, please click here.

For information about access to USyd, please contact the team via the Research and Prototype Foundry website.


For information about access to Optofab, please contact the team.


For information about access to ANFF Q, please click here.


For information about access to UniSA, please click here.


For information about access to MCN, please click here.

Click here to watch the MCN’s guide to it’s new COVID-19 measures.


For information about access to ANFF WA, please contact the team.


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