First contact

Starting an ANFF-enabled project typically includes the following steps:

  • A conversation to find where is the best location in the network to carry out the work. Given the array of expertise available within ANFF, there may be capabilities that are better suited to a project within the network at a node that is not local.
  • A scoping discussion to establish what the aims of the project are, to plot a course, and discuss feasibility testing if necessary.
  • Once the project is established, cleanroom inductions or tool training can start if the user will be accessing equipment themselves, or quotes can be produced and provided for fee for service work.

These conversations can be instigated by contacting any of our locations, or the central ANFF HQ team who can point you in the right direction.

Start the conversation


There are two primary pathways in which work can be conducted within ANFF facilities – direct access, or fee for service.

Depending on the timeframes, scope, and following steps for a project, it is worth considering both options to see which is most suitable.

Please always remember to acknowledged ANFF in papers and patents that arise as a result of work that ANFF has assisted.

Always remember to acknowledge ANFF in research papers using the following text:
“This work used the [NODE] node of the NCRIS-enabled Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF).”
Fee for service

Once a project scope has been established, ANFF engineers will perform the processing required by the user on their behalf as per a predetermined quote or agreement.

Direct access

Once a project scope has been established, users will be inducted into the relevant laboratory or cleanroom spaces, trained in micro or nanofabrication processes, and then allowed to access equipment directly to conduct their research. The knowledgeable engineers on the ANFF payroll will always be on hand to ensure that you have the expert support needed to get the most from your time at ANFF, and the option for assisted sessions (i.e. designated tool time with assistance from an ANFF expert) is available to users at most nodes.

Getting on the tools

ANFF’s various policies are what ensures easy open access to ANFF sites across the country, including the preservation of your IP. Talk to your local node about their specific induction process, OHS guidelines and IP policies.

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