Changes to access due to COVID-19

ANFF is collating information about changes to access that are occuring across the network due to COVID 19.

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Accessing ANFF

Acknowledging ANFF

In order to monitor ANFF’s impact, it is essential that our users to acknowledge us in any publications that arise from work that was enabled by ANFF.

Please acknowledge ANFF in research papers using the following text:

“This work used the [NODE] node of the NCRIS-enabled Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF).”

Access pathways

There are two primary pathways through which work can be conducted within ANFF facilities – Direct Access, or Fee for Service.

Depending on the timeframes, scope, and subsequent steps for a project, it is worth considering both modes to determine the most suitable approach.

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Pricing and policies

Working within ANFF guidelines, each of the Nodes set their own pricing structures. These are collated in the ANFF Access and Pricing Policy, but further details and the latest information is available from the Node itself.

There are site-specific policies that dictate how matters such as training assessments, the introduction of new materials, and the handling of dangerous goods to ensure easy and safe access for all users.

Each node establishes its own policies, but you can find links to them on our policies page.

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Apply for travel assistance through ANN

The Australian Nanotechnology Network administrates a “ANFF Short Term Visits” grant, which is available to its members to enabling researchers to travel to ANFF facilities that are not local to them.


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