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It is with great sadness that we must announce the sudden passing of Dr Ian Griffiths, our wonderful CEO.

Ian, who was a brilliant, dedicated and passionate man, will be fondly remembered by all of those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

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In order to oversee the distribution of funding, to implement directives from the various advisory committees and a board of directors, and to govern the national facility in general, ANFF Limited (ANFF), a company limited by guarantee and incorporated in Victoria, was established in 2007.

This company comprises four staff members that work across the network. They drive ANFF’s national initiatives and seize on new opportunities and projects that benefit the entire ANFF community.




The Australian National Fabrication Facility
151 Wellington Road
Clayton VIC 3168



East Tower, Level 7, Suite 2
410 Ann Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000

Dr Jane Fitzpatrick

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jane led ANFF’s Queensland node for a number of years, joining the HQ team as its Chief Operating Officer in 2019, before becoming CEO in 2021. Her responsibilities include ensuring the network performs as a cohesive and collaborative community, and maximising ANFF’s ability to support projects from academia and industry.

Area of Expertise:

High level engagement with ANFF as a whole

John Morrison

Director ANFF-C

John has an extensive history supporting inventors and commercialising technologies through a career that has involved a variety of roles within Medtech start-ups, and Director positions focused on translation at The Swinburne University of Technology and Monash University as well as within his own consultancy firm, Morrison Consulting.

John leads the Network’s commercial platform, ANFF-C.

Area of Expertise:


Dr Chris Gourlay

Chief Operating Officer

Chris has over 30 years’ worth of experience working with industry, government and universities in Australia and overseas. As COO, Chris plays a vital role in enabling ANFF to translate Australian R&D into impactful outcomes. He works with the ANFF teams across the country to ensure consistent and cohesive service offering to clients, as well as ensuring the network delivers on its reporting requirements.

Area of Expertise:


David Martin

Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer

David is responsible for leading a team charged with the evolution of ANFF’s customer experience and stakeholder engagement. Our purpose is to maximise the impact of our interactions with industry and accelerate the commercialisation of novel IP created through the use of our facilities.

Area of Expertise:

Strategic initiatives, organisational relationships

Matt Chong

Client Engagement Facilitator | Space and Defence

Matt’s expertise spans business development, consulting and strategic planning roles across industry, government and academia.

At ANFF, he is focused on supporting Space and Defence related projects both in lab and out.

Area of Expertise:

Client needs, ANFF capabilities, innovation ecosystem

Navin Chandrasekaran

Client Engagement Facilitator | Quantum and Photonics

Navin is an expert in research commercialisation, research co-ordination, and business development. His experiences will be used to aid our Quantum and Photonics clients.

Area of Expertise:

Client needs, ANFF capabilities, innovation ecosystem

Oded VanHam

Client Engagement Facilitator | Medical Technologies

Oded focuses on serving ANFF clients working in Medtech. He is a specialist in project and partnership management, and has extensive experience developing companies through the Medical Devices Partnership Program (MDPP).

Area of Expertise:

Client needs, ANFF capabilities, innovation ecosystem

Matthew Wright

Office Manager

Matthew Wright is the ANFF Office Manager and has extensive corporate knowledge of the organisation. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of ANFF Ltd, including invoicing and payments, and is the first point of contact to help you navigate the ANFF network.

Area of Expertise:

Invoicing, general enquiries

Janet Sanchez

Executive Assistant

Janet has worked in a wide range of industries including market research, engineering, sports, and entertainment. Janet, who is also a qualified Personal Trainer, was a coordinator at the exercise and sports science membership and accreditation body prior to joining the ANFF team.

Area of Expertise:

Administrative enquiries

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