Australian Capital Territory node


Node Director: Prof. Hoe Tan
Phone: +61 2 6125 0363

Facility Manager: Dr Horst Punzmann
Phone: +61 2 6125 0001

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ANFF ACT facility provides a range of capabilities and services for the micro/nanofabrication of photonic and related devices as well as the fabrication of waveguides and photonic crystals.

The node, located at the Australian National University, specialises in photonic/electronic materials growth, and the processing and fabrication of devices including micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). These capabilities provide a range of services for the fabrication of photonic and related devices as well as the production of waveguides and photonic crystals.

ANFF ACT works closely with two renowned research groups based at ANU’s Laser Physics Centre and the Department of Electronic Materials Engineering. These groups bring expertise in the capabilities of high-energy ion implantation, Si-etching, optical characterisation and two metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) reactors for the growth of III-V compound semiconductor multilayers based on: GaAs, AIGaAs, InGaAs, InP, InGaAsP, InAlGaAs, GaSb, InSb, InGaAsN. These reactors enable the fabrication of nanowires, quantum dots, quantum wells, strained layers and devices.

Node Competencies

Specialist fields: micro/nano fabrication of photonic and related devices; fabrication of waveguides and photonic crystals; Micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS).

Flagship facilities: Electron beam lithography (EBL); sputtering system for metal and dielectric multi-layer deposition; Cluster tool for dry etching and deposition; Dual beam focused ion beam; Nano imprint lithography.


Australian National University (ANU)


Research School of Physics
The Stores, End of Garran Road
Australian National University
Canberra ACT 2601

+61 2 6125 7174

Professor Hoe Tan

Node Director

Prof. Hoe Tan is an expert in the epitaxy of compound semiconductors.

Area of Expertise:

Semiconductor materials, epitaxial growth

Dr Horst Punzmann

Facility Manager

Dr Horst Punzmann is an experimentalist in plasma physics and fluid mechanics.

Area of Expertise:

Plasma spectroscopy, liquid metamaterials, non-linear wave-flow interactions, bio-fluids

Dr Kaushal Vora

Operations and Processes Manager

Dr Kaushal Vora has broad experience in developing nanofabrication processes, cleanroom operations and user training.

Area of Expertise:

PVD, CVD, Lithography, EBL, Metrology, RTA

Dr Naiyin Wang

Process Engineer

Naiyin trains and assists users with plasma etching/deposition, while providing MOCVD support.

Area of Expertise:

Epitaxial growth and characterisation of compound semiconductors

Dr Li Li

FIB Officer

Dr Li trains and assists with SEM, milling, EBSD, and EDX, while also supporting SEM-CL activities.

Area of Expertise:

Characterisation and fabrication (SEM, FIB, EBSD, EDX)

Mr Sukanta Debbarma

Processing Officer

Sukanta maintains and performs processes for chalcogenide technologies on behalf of users.

Area of Expertise:

Thin films technology (Deposition and characterisation)

Ms Sue Berkeley

Node Administrator

Sue is in charge of liaising with users, billing, editing the website and producing the ANFF ACT the Newsletter.

Area of Expertise:


Dr Mykhaylo Lysevych

MOCVD Officer

Mykhaylo maintains, trains and assists users with three MOCVD reactors, and also helps with XRD and thermal evaporation processes.

Area of Expertise:

Epitaxy of III-V semiconductors and characterisation

Mr Jnaneswara (John) Rao Saladi

Technical Officer

John maintains equipment and provides general infrastructure support.

Area of Expertise:

Technical support

Ms Gayatri Vaidya

EBL Officer

Gayatri trains and helps users with EBL matters, and supports other tools including the etching suite, electron-beam evaporation and SEM-CL.

Area of Expertise:

EBL technique and thin films

Dr Olivier Lee Cheong Lem

SEM-CL Officer

Olivier trains and assists users with SEM-CL, while supporting FIB, EBL, ALD activities

Area of Expertise:

Characterisation (SEM, CL, EDX) and thin films

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