ANFF Headquarters

The ANFF network is managed from the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication. Here, national initiatives are planned and implemented.

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ACT node

ANFF ACT, based at ANU, provides a range of capabilities and services for the micro/nanofabrication of photonic devices as well as the fabrication of waveguides, photonic crystals, and related devices.

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Materials node

The ANFF Materials node brings together specific strengths in the fabrication of both hard and soft materials, particularly nano-organic and inorganic electronic materials. Their bioprinting and 3D printing expertise is second to none.

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New South Wales node

The NSW Node of ANFF is split between the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the University of Sydney. The node enables the development of optical chips, electronic devices and new quantum technologies via outstanding lithography, etching, deposition and metrology capabilities.

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Optofab node

Optofab offers specialist facilities and dedicated staff that are on hand to provide services & technical support to users in microprocessing, microfabrication and characterisation of fibre, planar and bulk materials which include silica, metals, ceramics, silicon, polymers and crystals.

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Queensland node

Through an advanced suite of tools and substantial expertise, ANFF Q specialises in microfluidics, organic electronics and optoelectronics, biomaterials, novel semiconductor materials and characterisation. The node comprises four facilities, two at the University of Queensland and two at Griffith University.

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South Australian node

ANFF SA offers access to equipment and technical excellence in design, fabrication, and testing of micro-scale devices, with a renowned expertise in microfluidics.

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Victorian node

ANFF VIC ties the largest open-access cleanroom in the southern hemisphere, the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN), with six university-based hubs spread across Victoria providing a full complement of nanofabrication capabilities and expertise.

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Western Australian node

ANFF WA provides a wealth of knowledge in advanced microelectronic, optoelectronic, and photonic materials, devices and systems. The node runs a completely vertically integrated facility, from materials growth, through device design, fabrication and testing, to packaging and subsystem assembly.

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