The annual gathering of the ANFF community incorporating our Staff Retreat, Research Showcase and Gala Dinner.

The Retreat and Showcase events are hosted in the new ANU Research School of Physics Building (160) located at 60 Mills Rd, Acton, Canberra (25 – 27 October). The Gala Dinner(26 October) hosted at the National Gallery of Australia.


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Nano Vacuum

Nano Vacuum’s team has over 50 years of experience within the nanofabrication industry. We have highly qualified staff members including PhD qualified Mechanical and Electrical Engineers with expertise in Bio-Nano and Surface Science Engineering.

Our aim is to provide the best service and advice to our Australian and New Zealand customers, equipping you with cutting-edge tools for your research.

Our extensive customer base includes academia, government, defence, aerospace, semiconductor and private industry, covering industries and R&D sectors within Quantum, Space/Aerospace, Defence, Semiconductor, Photovoltaics, Microfluidics, Photonics, Wearable Electronics, Opto-electronics, Sensors, MEMS, OLED/LEDs, SiC and GaN Power Devices, Medical/Dental Implants, Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science.

For the space industry, we offer Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVAC) for thermal and vacuum testing of satellite payloads to ensure mission critical components can withstand the harsh space environment.

Our range of deposition, etching, plasma modification, clean/inert environments, packaging and lithography and surface characterisation tools offer nanofabrication resources to ensure you stay at the forefront of the highly competitive research space.

Nano Vacuum can also design, project manage and deliver complete clean rooms including UHP gas panels and orbital welded piping, clean room walls, HEPA filters, toxic gas cabinets, wet/dry scrubbers and more.

All this will be with a service level and price point that will exceed your expectations.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Team Nano Vacuum

Platinum Sponsor

Ezzi Vision

Ezzi Vision Pty Ltd, are distributors for Edwards Vacuum Pumps, MBraun Glove-Box Systems, Hiden Analytical Mass Spectrometers, France-Etuves Vacuum Ovens, Vacuum Fittings, Thyracont Vacuum gauges, Freeze Dryers and more….

Ezzi Vision has a highly skilled technical team and a specially equipped workshop facility in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth providing both Sales and Service support.

Ezzi Vision Contact: Ezzi Vision Pty Ltd, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
Toll Free Phone: 1800 GO EZZI (1800 46 3994)

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Gold Sponsor
HQ in Sydney, Offices in Melbourne and Adelaide and distributors in WA, TAS, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Dubai and Chile.

Dynaflow is a family owned Australian company established in 1981 that has grown to achieve market leader status in the field of Laboratory Fume Risk Control.

Dynaflow has had long standing third party Certifications and Accreditations which are valuable in this field:

  • SAI Global StandardsMark Licence for Product Certification to AS2243.8 Safety In laboratories – Fume Cupboards
  • SAL Global Accreditation for ISO9000 Quality systems
  • NATA Accreditation for ISO17025 for the testing of Fume cupboards

Dynaflow can provide our clients with a wide range of products and services to meet their obligations associated with Laboratory Fume Risk Control.

  • Dynaflow Fume Cupboards to AS2243.8
  • Dynaflow WALKIN Fume cupboards to AS2243.8
  • Managed Fume cupboard Upgrade Programs to refurbish non-compliant Fume cupboards to meet minimum compliance requirements of AS2243.8
  • Managed fume cupboard upgrade programs for minimization of Energy consumption in Laboratories
  • Online User Training in the Correct Use of laboratory Fume cupboards

Area of Expertise:

Design, Manufacture, installation, Maintenance and Training of Laboratory Fume Cupboards.

Coltronics Systems PTY LTD

Gold Sponsor

Supplying Manufacturing, Education and Research Industries since 1970!

Coltronics Systems is a specialist in all aspects of delivering and maintaining capital equipment and consumables for the manufacturing, electronics and semiconductor industries.

We aim to be able to offer local expertise and support on all our products with a particular focus on supplying equipment solutions to manufacturing and research institutes, all across Australia.

Coltronics has delivered, installed and continues to service a large range of manufacturing and semi-conductor processing equipment at many manufacturers, universities and research institutes ….including the major governmental departments for research, defence and most Australian universities.

Our suppliers include Suss MicroTec (Wafer Litho and Bonding Processing), Keyence (Laser Measurement, Vision, Digital Microscopes and Static Elimination), Formfactor (Wafer Test and Quantum Computing Test), Annealsys (RTP systems), Finetech (Flip Chip Bonders), Westbond (Wire Bonders) and Yield Engineering Systems (Plasma and Wafer Bake Ovens).

We also supply consumables to a wide variety of domestic and international companies. Our products include abrasive powders and tools, filters and gas purifiers, PFA tubing and fluid handling products, flux, cutters and BGA rework tools.

Area of Expertise:

Manufacturing and semi-conductor processing equipment

Accretech Tokyo Seimitsu Co Ltd

Gold Sponsor

Founded in Japan 1949, started as manufacturer of precision measuring tools and equipment.

Over 70 years experience and knowledge in the industry, Tokyo Seimitsu had built the brand ACCRETECH as one of the top equipment manufacturer in the world specializing in both Metrology Equipment and Semiconductor Equipment.

In Metrology segment, we are the market leaders in Coordinate Measuring Machine. In addition, we also have Surface Texturing and Contour Measuring instruments and Cylindrical form measuring instruments.

As for the Semiconductor segment, we offer high precision dicing system and blades. Besides, we also offer solution such as Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP), Laser Sawing System, Wafer Edge Grinding System and Wafer Polish Grinding System. In addition, we also offer industry leading Wafer Probing System which capable to test the wafers from -55C up to 200C.

ACCRETECH has wide install base in major semiconductor manufacturer, from Foundry, IDM to OSAT. ACCRETECH see the value of long term partnership. Growing together with customers are always our focus to create win-win relationship. Start get in touch with ACCRETECH for more details.

Area of Expertise:

Semiconductor Manufacturing


Gold Sponsor
Austria, North America and Asia

EV Group (EVG) is a leading supplier of high-volume production equipment and process solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, MEMS, compound semiconductors, power devices and nanotechnology devices.
A recognized market and technology leader in wafer-level bonding and lithography for advanced packaging and nanotechnology, EVG’s key products include wafer bonding, thin-wafer processing and lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL) equipment, photoresist coaters, as well as cleaning and inspection/metrology systems.
With state-of-the-art application labs and cleanrooms at its headquarters in Austria, as well as in North America and Asia, EVG is focused on delivering superior process expertise to its global R&D and production customer and partner base – from the initial development through to the final integration at the customer’s site.
Founded in 1980, EVG services and supports an elaborate network of global customers and partners all over the world, with more than 1100 employees worldwide and fully-owned subsidiaries in the U.S., Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan.

Area of Expertise:

High-volume production equipment and process solutions

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Silver Sponsor

At Evident, innovation and exploration are at the heart of what we do. We support our customers with solutions that solve challenges and advance their work.

Backed by state-of-the-art technologies, Evident products are widely used for quality control, inspection, and measurement.

Evident Life Science empowers scientists and researchers with a cutting-edge range of clinical research, educational, and premium microscopy systems.

For more information, visit

Area of Expertise:

Industrial’s solutions microscopes & videoscopes, non-destructive testing equipment and X-ray analysers for maintenance, manufacturing, and environmental applications

Australian Vacuum Services

Silver Sponsor

Australian Vacuum Services provides nanotechnology systems and support for a wide range of leading suppliers.

Such systems as ALD RIE PECVD Nanoimprint Sputter and thermal vacuum evaporation to name just a few.

These include Picosun, Plasmionique, Henniker Plasma, Prevac, Stensborg and Atlant 3d.

We supply a wide range of support vacuum pumps components spares and accessories as well as proving vacuum pump repairs.

With both industrial and scientific experience of over 60 years we are well linked to help our Australian customers.

Area of Expertise:

Nanotechnology systems and support, vacuum pumps, repairs

ATA Scientific Instruments

Silver Sponsor
Caringbah, NSW

Today’s instruments. Tomorrow’s insights

ATA Scientific specialises in sales, support and service for a range of specialised analytical instruments in the areas of Particle, Material and Biomolecular Science and SEM imaging. Discover the Phenom Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with X-ray analysis (EDS) for element ID; Micromeritics TriStar II Plus, an automated three-station surface area and porosity analyser. We aim to provide our customers with long term support, so that they can enjoy the maximum benefit from our products and services.
ATA Scientific, 47 Cawarra Road, Caringbah, NSW, 2229   Tel: (02) 9541 3500

Area of Expertise:

Analytical instruments


Silver Sponsor
Australia and New Zealand

Raymax supplies laser solutions and maintenance services across Mining, Aviation, Defence, Automotive parts manufacture, Consumer goods, Medical Devices, Hyperspectral imaging, custom Optics, Lithograph, Perforation lasers and laser safety products for either macro or micro-production uses, or research material interaction, solutions for Scientific research, and engineering laser consulting.

Raymax unique and trusted experience in the field of Laser and Photonics Solutions for ANZ markets provides opportunities with physics, and engineers that have decades of personal experience in laser material processing.


Area of Expertise:

Laser and Photonics Solutions


Silver Sponsor
Australia and New Zealand

Warsash Scientific is a leading supplier of scientific instruments serving Australian and New Zealand research, defence, and industry since 1976. We specialise in Nanopositioning, Spectroscopy, Lasers and photonics accessories, MEMS, Vibration Analysis, Thermal Monitoring and Thin Film technologies.

Over 40 years Warsash Scientific has built a network of suppliers, all leaders in their fields, providing unique technologies across a broad spectrum of photonics-related applications.  Our staff have a combined experience of well over 50 years in sales, service and application support.

Area of Expertise:

Nanopositioning, Spectroscopy, Lasers and photonics accessories, MEMS, Vibration Analysis, Thermal Monitoring and Thin Film technologies

ONBoard Solutions

Silver Sponsor

ONBoard Solutions is an ISO 9001 credited supplier of production equipment for manufacturing, cleanroom products, and advanced materials to the Australian and New Zealand market.

Key focus for the industry

  • Material Deposition using spray, parylene, and spin-coating systems
  • Wire bonding systems for semi-conductor and battery bonding
  • Die-bonding solutions
  • Curing systems & screen printing
  • Precision cleaning systems, aqueous and vapour degreasing
  • Epoxies, adhesives, solder and resistive ink solutions
  • Consumables and gowning solutions for cleanrooms

Additionally, Peter’s Mobile Number is: 0403 100 200

Area of Expertise:

Automation solutions


Silver Sponsor

AXT is a leading supplier of high-end scientific equipment. Our nanotechnology portfolio includes:

UpNano – High resolution 3D printers with sub-micron resolution
Boston Micro Fabrication – High throughput 3D printers with DLP technology
Exaddon – 3D metal printing at the microscale
Regenhu – Fully customisable bioprinting platforms
Hirox – 3D digital microscopes offering unprecedented detail
Rigaku – Benchtop micro-CT for non-destructive testing
TESCAN – SEMs for ultra-high resolution imaging and FIB/EBL for nanofabrication

For more details, please visit or email

Area of Expertise:

High-end scientific equipment

Coherent Scientific

Silver Sponsor
Australia and New Zealand.

Coherent Scientific specialises in the marketing, sale, commissioning and support of lasers, atomic force microscopes, stylus and optical surface profilers, nano-hardness and wear testers, optical and laser inspection metrology instrumentation, and other related equipment. We are the local distributor for highly reputable companies such as Bruker, Andor, Coherent Inc, Lake Shore Cryotronics, and TMC. Coherent Scientific has supported its customers for over 30 years, and with highly experienced sales, service and administration staff throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Area of Expertise:

Lasers, atomic force microscopes, stylus and optical surface profilers, nano-hardness and wear testers, optical and laser inspection metrology instrumentation, and other related equipment


Silver Sponsor

Scitek provides customised solutions for your surface science, nano-characterisation and nano-fabrication needs, through honest, un-biased recommendations.

Our consultative approach focuses on understanding your specific needs and tailoring a solution.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, and that it often takes a combination of technologies, sometimes from different manufacturers, to achieve your experimental goals.

We are NOT a manufacturer or sales agent offering only one technology. We supply quality research & development focussed technologies from a carefully selected range of manufacturers around the world.

If you are looking for a reliable, long-term partner who you can trust, please contact us on 1800 023 467 or

Area of Expertise:

Customised solutions for your surface science, nano-characterisation and nano-fabrication needs,

Plasma Therm

Silver Sponsor

Plasma-Therm is a global manufacturer of advanced plasma processing equipment. Its tools and processes are used to support manufacturing needs in etch, deposition, material modification, and plasma dicing technologies. The company serves the semiconductor and compound semiconductor industries in developing solutions for the wireless, power device, MEMS, photonics, advanced packaging, and data storage markets. With locations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Plasma-Therm meets the diverse needs of its customers with exceptional customer service. To learn more visit

Area of Expertise:

Advanced plasma processing equipment.


Silver Sponsor
Australia, New Zealand

As a leading manufacturer of microscopes ZEISS offers inspiring solutions and services for your life sciences and materials research, teaching and clinical routine.

With its unique portfolio, constant innovations and strong partnerships, ZEISS Microscopy enables leading researchers to find answers to our society’s most pressing challenges and drive scientific discovery forward. A dedicated and well-trained sales force and a responsive service team enable customers to use their ZEISS microscopes to their full potential.


Area of Expertise:


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Nanotechnology Solutions

Bronze sponsor
Area of Expertise:

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