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Welcome to ANFF

ANFF enables R&D

ANFF helps to realise your research potential by providing access to micro and nanofabrication-related tools and the expertise of more than 100 engineers.

Either carry out the project yourself by undertaking advanced training on processes that are at the cutting edge of nanofabrication, or have work completed via fee-for-service agreements.

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A network of fabrication

ANFF is available at 20 sites spread across Australia to ensure part of the network is always nearby. These locations are organised into eight nodes, each with their own speciality areas.

You will be able to find the best node for you whether it’s by proximity, or by speciality.

Each node runs autonomously, abiding by the ANFF principles.

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An IP neutral environment

Your IP is safe with us – ANFF has established practical approaches to help manage intellectual property and has a long history of providing crucial contributions to IP-sensitive projects.

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Find the right equipment via our application or capabilities listings

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If you know how you want to make something, search our capabilities listing to see where ANFF tools are located.

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Find your application and see some of the related process flows to identify commonly used tools and processes that you may need.

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Get Enlightened by ANFF

ANFF now offers nanofabrication training online. Click the button below to visit our learning resource, ANFF Enlightened, and gain the fab knowledge required to take your R&D further.

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