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South Australian node

Chris BassellProfessional Officer - University of South Australia, SA node

Donghoon ChangProfessional Officer - University of South Australia, SA node

Simon DoeFacility manager - University of South Australia, SA node

Simon is the Facility manager of the South Australian ANFF node and has a background in materials engineering and joining. He has over twenty years experience in product design and development and was recently in industry as a development manager for a medical device company. He has worked with the CSIRO in the Division of Manufacturing Science and Technology and with a start-up medical device company involved with catheter tracking technologies.

Dr Craig PriestNode Director - University of South Australia, SA node

Dr Craig Priest is the deputy director of the South Australian node. As s Research Fellow at The Wark, he is focused on the role of functional interfaces in controlling liquid samples within microfluidic channels and developing new opportunities for exploiting microfluidic devices to drive process intensification in industry. He is also a member of the South Australian Government's Premier's Science and Industry Council, the Access Committee for the South Australian node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility, and is an elected member of the Executive Policy and Planning Committee of the Ian Wark Research Institute (UniSA).

Ash SlatteryProfessional Officer - Flinders University, SA node