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OptoFab Node

OptoFab offers specialist facilities and dedicated staff that are on hand to provide services & technical support to users in microprocessing, microfabrication and characterisation of fibre, planar and bulk materials which include silica, metals, ceramics, silicon, polymers and crystals.

OptoFab services have proved beneficial for applications in telecoms, biotechnology, biomedicine, microelectronics, optical sensing, industrial processing, defence and security.

OptoFab consists of four centres of facilities based at Macquarie University (headquarters), the University of Adelaide, the University of Sydney and the Bandwidth Foundry International. OptoFab offer services in six key areas of expertise.

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OptoFab Node Director: Prof. Michael Withford
Email: or for general node enquiries
Phone: +612 9850 7056

For more details on how to get in touch with specific staff please visit our contact page.

Websites: OptoFab