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Nanowire Taper Rig 3

Nanowire Taper Rig #3

Fabrication step: Optics and photonics
Function: Optic fibre fabrication
Location: University of Sydney
Purpose: Fabrication of nanowires
Material systems: Tapering chalcogenide fibre which is a soft glass with a low melt temperature. In addition to tapering As2S3 and As2Se3 fibres preliminary developments in tapering polymer (PMMA) micro structured fibres has also been undertaken.
Node: OptoFab
Scale/volume: Low volume. Chalcogenide tapers as long as 25cm and low loss tapers with waist diameters down to 800nm.
Specifications/resolution: Low temperature. The taper rig has been routinely tapering 20cm long low loss tapers having waist diameters between 1 and 2um in diameter and waist lengths of 5cm.