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Nanowire Taper Rig 2

Nanowire Taper Rig #2

Fabrication step: Optics and photonics
Function: Optic fibre fabrication
Location: University of Sydney
Purpose: Fabrication of nanowires
Material systems: Tapers in standard SMF and MM silica fibres and micro structured fibres such as “Grape Fruit Fibre ” (GFF) and Photonic crystal fibre (PCF).
Node: OptoFab
Scale/volume: Low volume. Nano wire tapers down to 200nm diameters
Specifications/resolution: Three 100mm travel AEROTECH stages three 25mm travel Newport stages and a custom made rotational stage. Taper rig#2 is currently configured with a naturally aspirated air/butane burner and operates with the standard flame brushing technique.