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EXFO NR9200 HR Fibre Characterisation System

EXFO NR9200 HR Fibre Characterisation System

Fabrication step: Optics and photonics
Function: Optic fibre fabrication
Location: University of Sydney
Purpose: Optical fibre charactersation: Singlemode & Multimode Fibers Refractive index profile Core and Cladding Geometry Mode Field Diameter at 1310nm & 1550nm. Chromatic Dispersion Cutt Off Wavelength Analysis Numerical Aperture Alpha Parameter Contour Analysis 3D Raster Scans
Material systems: Mainly silica but with effort other glasses and polymers.
Node: OptoFab
Scale/volume: Measurement takes a couple of hours (mainly set up time)
Specifications/resolution: "• Measure RIP of both singlemode and multimode fibers to a RI resolution of <=0.00005 • Measurement of fibers of different diameters between 80 to 500 microns • Wavelengths: 1300nm and 1550nm • Measurements to international standards (TIA/EIA 455165A 191 & 44B as well as G650 & 651)"