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ICP enhanced chemical vapour deposition ICPECVD

Inductively Coupled Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (ICPECVD) System

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Deposition
Location: University of Western Australia
Purpose: To deposit high quality uniform dielectric films on semiconductor and organic substrates at low temperature
Material systems: Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) silicon Nitride (SiNx) and Silicon Oxynitride (SiOxNy)
Node: Western Australia
Scale/volume: Single wafer processing up to 8" size
Specifications/resolution: Outstanding features are the planar inductively coupled plasma (PTSA ICP) source, the substrate electrode with helium backside cooling and the high conductance vacuum system. These features give rise to superior film properties compared to typical properties achieved with standard PECVD process even at deposition temperatures in the range of 90°C - 130°C. That allows to run low thermal budget processes especially necessary for passivation of devices, metallic interconnect isolation, and photoresist based lift-off technologies.