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Hi-tech oxidation furnace

The Hi-tech oxidation furnace is used primarily for the oxidation of silicon wafers. Oxidation can be performed using wet or dry processing.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Furnace
Location: Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication
Purpose: Silicon oxide is used as the gate dielectric for field effect transistors. It can also be used to isolate areas in electrical circuits. In MEMs devices the oxide layer can be used as an etch mask to allow selective etching of underlying areas.
Material systems: Si metals
Node: Victoria
Scale/volume: Max Wafer Size = 6 inches
Specifications/resolution: The furnace can operate up to 1200oC and can perform dry oxidation (O2 is oxidant) and wet oxidation (steam is oxidant). The steam is generated with a torch that burns O2 and H2. The system can accept 3, 4 and 6-inch wafers.