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Vacuum Evaporator - Glovebox - Spin Coater

The thermal evaporator is a multi-source metal deposition system which allows metal coatings to be deposited either sequentially or by co-deposition, at a controlled thickness through a mask. The multi-source evaporator is built into a four port glove box, allowing sample handling under inert conditions and also incorporates a spin-coater. Passivating metal or metal oxide layers can be deposited, and complete devices can be assembled in non-oxidative conditions.

This facility enables the fabrication of a wide range of micro and nano-scale devices such as the formation of electrodes in micro-fluidic devices; target specific electrodes after further modification in a range of sensors; top electrodes in organic photovoltaic devices, contacts in organic diodes and transistors.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Deposition
Location: Flinders University
Purpose: Deposition of thin films by thermal evaporation and spin coating under inert atmosphere/vacuum
Material systems: Any
Node: South Australia
Scale/volume: 4 inch diameter wafers
Specifications/resolution: Angstrom film thickness resolution