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Substrate bonder - hot embosser

The EVG520HE hot embossing system (substrate bonder) is designed for bonding, embossing and nanoimprinting applications. It is capable of all wafer bonding processes such as thermo-compression, fusion or low temperature bonding. It is configured to allow hot embossing of polymers and even glass.

Hot embossing microfluidc devices or other features in polymers is a well accepted process and widely adopted. It's considered a robust process for the manufacture of polymer microfluidic devices.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Microfluidics & lithography
Location: University of South Australia
Purpose: To thermally bond glass substrates and to emboss channel geometries into substrates
Material systems: Glasses, metals and polymers
Node: South Australia
Scale/volume: 6 inch diameter wafers