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Labec - MKS Thermal CVD system

The thermal CVD system contains a tube furnace which controls the temperature of a quartz reaction tube in the range 0-1200oC. Gas concentration through the tube is controlled via four digital mass flow controllers (MFCs), which are capable of delivering a wide range of gases such as argon, hydrogen and methane for carbon nanostructure growth, and also vapour from liquid sources such as ethanol and water.

The system is capable of accepting most gaseous precursors, and as such, can deposit a wide range of materials compatible with the thermal CVD process. Applications of this system include the growth of carbon nanostructures, growth of clean, thin films and annealing of samples under tightly-controlled gas concentrations.

Fabrication step: Micro and Nano fabrictaion
Function: Deposition
Location: Flinders University
Purpose: To perform reactions at high temperature under controlled gas concentrations
Material systems: Any
Node: South Australia
Scale/volume: 30mm max. sample width
Specifications/resolution: 1200C max. temperature