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ISO Class 5 & 6 cleanrooms

The ISO class 5 and 6 cleanrooms ensure a fit for purpose, dust free environment for the fabrication and testing of microfluidic devices.

Constructed from Dagard products, the airtight enclosure ensures no contamination and can be easily maintained in the state of cleanliness aligned to the required classification.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Microfluidics & clean rooms and associated equipment
Location: University of South Australia
Purpose: To minimise particulate contamination that may be detrimental to fabrication processes
Material systems: Any
Node: South Australia
Scale/volume: class 6 cleanroom: 28 sq metres; class 5 cleanroom: 48 sq metres;
Specifications/resolution: Temperature 20 degrees Celsius ± 1 degree Celsius and relative humidity 50% ± 5%