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Spin process station

The most recent addition to facility is a new fully customized spin process station with two spin coating chambers from SPS-Europe B.V. This spin processing station is equipped with 2 separate spinners one for coating and one for developing and is a 2 drawer configuration.

The spinner for resist coating has the syringe holder and EFD dispense unit whilst the spinner for developing is connected to a chemical supply system for 2 chemicals and DI water. The spin processors are made of full plastic and has a welded polypropylene enclosure. It contains the nitrogen Spray Gun, the di Water Spray Gun, the 2 PTFE dispense Vessels, a draintank, a HDPE 10, a tank present sensor, and a maximum liquid level sensor.

The resist spinner system is equipped with an air pressured syringe dispense system with start/stop signals controlled by the spinner program. This chamber also has an adjustable and programmable EBR (edge bead removal Nozzle) mounted in lid.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Clean rooms and associated equipment
Location: University of Queensland
Node: Queensland