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Semitool dual stack spin rinse dryer SRD

The spin rinse dryer is equipped for drying 4 inch or 6 inch silicon wafers. It spins the wafers and uses deionized water and nitrogen for cleaning and drying. The principle of SDR is to use centrifugal force to dry the surface of the wafers.

A cassette is placed inside the drying chamber, held in place by a rotor, and spun at an appropriate speed depending on the nature of the load and the process. The drying chamber is warmed with a continuous flow of hot filtered nitrogen and surface heaters on the outside walls.

The liquid on the wafer surface is spun off and drained from the bowl while liquid droplets on the drying chamber surfaces are evaporated.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Clean rooms and associated equipment
Location: University of Queensland
Node: Queensland