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Plasma therm deep reactive ion etcher DRIE

The Oerlikon Versaline integrates high performance, fast response processing sub-second etching and deposition steps for a deep silicon etching. A sub-second switching between process steps produces smooth sidewall profiles as scalloping is reduced to a minimum. An optical emission spectroscopy system (OES) is used with algorithms to compliment notchless SOI etch capability.

It is used for the development of:

  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • DRAM memory circuits
Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Etching
Location: University of Queensland
Purpose: Used to create deep, often steep sided trenches and other structures in silicon wafers. DRIE allows etches of up to 600 microns compared to approx 10 microns with straight RIE systems.
Material systems: Silicon only
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Single wafer 4 inches
Specifications/resolution: Deep silicon etching with a deep vertical wall. In addition, etching parameters can be adjusted to make different shapes. Gases: SF6, C4F8, argon, helium and oxygen.