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Litrex 70 inkjet printer

Litrex 70 is one of the most advanced inkjet systems that can deposit materials with a 15 micron precision. This resolution meets many manufacturing requirements and can print any material as long as the material can be solution processed. This includes electronic polymers, nano-metals and biomaterials. It supports a variety of inkjet print heads capable of dispensing droplets as small as 10-80pL and it can accurately print materials on substrates of up to 200mm x 200mm.

Inkjet deposition of materials offers significant cost savings in both tool capital costs as well as on-going operations. The Litrex 70 precision inkjet printer is a compact system for process development, process testing, prototype manufacturing and research and development of OLED/LEP, LCD, printed electronics, and biomaterial applications.

It is ideal for material researchers who require a better understanding of different ink formulations and materials requirements of new prototypes, layouts and production processes.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Lithography
Location: University of Queensland
Purpose: Advanced inkjet system to deposit materials with a 15 micron precision.
Material systems: Polymer and nanoparticles in liquid form. Includes electronic polymers, nano metals and biomaterials
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Single substrate
Specifications/resolution: 128 nozzle printhead with 25 micron nozzle size. Maximum substrate size is 200 x 200 mm.