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Glove box with integrated vacuum evaporators

The glove box system is a hermetically sealed enclosure and provides a working space in its inner side that is completely segregated from the outside. It is designed to maintain an artificial atmosphere consisting of pure nitrogen with a concentration of oxygen and water vapour below 1 ppm. It is used to protect the product from unwanted reaction with oxygen and/or water vapour. The glove box system works by the gas permanently circulating between the glove box and the gas purification system establishing a controlled environment.

There are two evaporator units inside the glove box, each has three thermal evaporators. Evaporator one is used to evaporate organic materials while evaporator two is for metals and it also has a one DC PVD sputter head.

Multilayer thin film deposition can be performed and controlled within the nanometer range in this system.

The glove box system is necessary to fabricate the following devices such as:

  • Solar cells
  • Organic Light emitting diodes (OLEDs)
  • Organic thin film transistors (OFETs)

The thermal evaporators can be used to develop different type of microelectronics, optical, and optoelectronics chips in many different kinds of applications.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Clean rooms and associated equipment
Location: University of Queensland
Purpose: Fabrication facilities with a fully inert atmosphere for the creation of soft electronic devices
Material systems: Organics, metals and dielectrics
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Devices and films up to 5 x 5 cms
Specifications/resolution: <2ppm oxygen and water