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EVG-520iS semi automated hot embossing tool

The EVG520IS single-chamber unit handles wafers up to 150 mm with semi-automated operation for small volume production applications. The equipment is custom designed to have maximum temperature of 650°C and pressure up to 60 kN.

The EVG520IS features EV Group's proprietary symmetric rapid heating and a cooling chuck design. The key advantages of the EVG hot embosser are a independent top and bottom side heater, a high pressure bonding capability and same material and process flexibility. The EVG 520iS is also equipped with anodeing bonding facility and this is the only one in Australia within a hot embosser. This additional feature is capable of monitoring bond continuous display of bond parameters with a high resolution display of the bond current down to 20 μA resolution and a high voltage power supply of 2000 V/50 mA.

The bond parameter including current can be adjusted using a software interface and the features and technical details of the EVG 520iS are:

  • Fully-automated single chamber processing with manual loading and unloading including external cooling station,
  • Fully automated bond process execution and bond cover movements with multi-stack bonding option,
  • Integrated top and bottom side cooling station for high throughput,
  • Heater size = Max. wafer diameter: 150mm,
  • Min. wafer diameter: 80mm,
  • Bond chuck system / Alignment system:100 mm and 150mm wafer using EVG620,
  • Max. contact force: up to 60 kN , Max. temperature: 650°C, Vacuum: 10-3 mbar,
  • Power supply for anodic bonding: 0-2.000V / 50mA.
Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Lithography
Location: University of Queensland
Node: Queensland