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E Beam evaporation system

The Temescal FC-2000 system is a fast- cycle, load-locked evaporation system that allows the source to remain under vacuum during substrate reloading. This increases its productivity.

Currently the evaporation materials available are: Al, Ni, Cr, Ag, Au, and Ti.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Deposition
Location: University of Queensland
Purpose: To deposit a uniform thin film metal and some insulators
Material systems: Inorganic compounds and metals
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Single/Multiple wafer systems up to 6 inches
Specifications/resolution: Reactive deposition down to the Angstrom range, up to 300 degrees Celsius substrate heater with 2 reactive gases, a base vacuum to 10-7, 10-8 Torr, a thin film thickness monitoring and rotating turret substrate holder.