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Spin coater

Spin-coating is used to apply uniform thin films to flat substrates. The film material is dissolved in a moderate boiling point material and applied to a substrate that is undergoing rotation, typically 500-2000 rpm. The thickness of film is determined by the concentration of the solution or dispersion and the rotation speed and spin time.

This particular spin coater is used to apply thin (100 nm) polymeric films to ITO-coated glass for the fabrication of organic electronic devices.

Fabrication step: Micro and Nano Fabrication
Function: Clean rooms and associated equipment
Location: University of Newcastle
Purpose: Deposition of thin polymer/organic films from solution or dispersion
Material systems: Polymers, organics, dielectrics, metals, semiconductors, glasses and ceramics
Node: Materials
Scale/volume: Up to 4 inch wafer
Specifications/resolution: Polypropylene