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Roll to roll sputter coater

High-speed roll-to-roll processing allows the coating of many square meters of plastic or paper in a semi-continuous manner. In this system a roll of flexible plastic foil is loaded into the vacuum chamber and pumped down. The foil is then passed from the feed to the take-up roll through a sputter coating station.

The sputter coater can be used to generate a metal or dielectric vapour which deposits onto the foil through a deposition mask. The coated roll can then be unloaded from the vacuum chamber and be cut and laminated (if required). This coater paves the way towards mass production and correspondingly low unit costs for devices such as organic solar cells.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Lithography
Location: University of Newcastle
Purpose: For the deposition of metals and dielectrics over large areas on a continuously moving plastic foil web.
Material systems: Metals and dielectrics
Node: Materials
Scale/volume: 300 mm wide roll width and > 100 m length
Specifications/resolution: 3 x Magnetron targets (4x14 inch), web tension control, web speed: 1-15 inch/min and deposition mask fabrication required for each new pattern