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Thermal annealing systems

Thermal annealing capabilities within the Department include rapid thermal annealing (RTA) with heating rates of ~300°C/sec and conventional furnace annealing to temperatures of ~1500°C. Cross-contamination is minimised through the use of material-specific RTA liners or researcher-specific furnace tubes.

Applications include metal contact alloying, silicide formation, dopant activation, defect engineering, oxidation and nanowire formation. A variety of annealing ambients are available and exhaust gases and particulates are safely extracted from the laboratory.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Furnace
Location: Australian National University
Purpose: Annealing, alloying of contacts
Material systems: Various
Node: Australian Capital Territory
Scale/volume: Up to 3 inch for RTA and 2 inch for furnace annealing
Specifications/resolution: Gases available: Ar, N2, O2, forming gas