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High energy ion implanter

A 1.7MV tandem accelerator incorporating a 100 kV injector with a SNICS II negative ion sputter source. Used for implanting ions in the energy range 15-100 keV (using the injector only) and 200keV to several MeV (depending on selected ion charge state). Most ions are available but implant fluences may be limited in some cases. Typical samples sizes are a few cm square but wafers up to 100mm diameter can be accommodated. (150mm wafer chamber currently under construction).

Smaller sample scan be heated to 700K or cooled to 77K during implantation.

Fabrication step: Micro and nano fabrication
Function: Ion implantation
Location: Australian National University
Purpose: Doping, materials study
Material systems: Various Si / III-V
Node: Australian Capital Territory
Scale/volume: up to 4 inch (6 inch under development) substrate
Specifications/resolution: Energies up to several MeV, most species