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Zeta potential measurement particles flat surfaces

The SurPASS electrokinetic analyzer for Solid Surface analysis can be used for determining electrokinetic potential of macroscopic solids where streaming potential and currents are measured. The instrument is also capable of acquiring single measurements at a specific pH or a titration, which can range for pH 2 – 12. With the availability of 3 mounts, a variety of samples ranging from solid surfaces to fabrics and powdered samples can be assessed.

The Anton Paar zeta potential at analyser at MCN is available with a clamping cell, cylindrical and adjustable cell mount. Zeta potential measurements for particles and flat surfaces.

Fabrication step: Material Synthesis and Macro fabrication
Function: Surface fabrication
Location: Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication
Purpose: The electrokinetic analyser can measure surface potential (zeta potential) of smooth surfaces and IsoElectric Point of surfaces can also be identified. Surface potential of metal plates, ceramic tiles, wafers and thin films can be measured with a clamping cell whereas for measurements of polymer membranes, filters textile fabrics and minerals and rocks require and adjustable gap cell. A cylindrical cell can be acquired for measuring zeta potential of powdered and granular samples. Materials Characterisation
Material systems: All materials
Node: Victoria