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The Kira SuperMill 2M is designed specifically for single part and small series production milling of steel, non-ferrous, plastics and ceramics. The system provides the capability for true simultaneous 3-dimensional interpretation of structures.

It is part of the Nanoscale Machining Centre and provides 10nm precision on its dual spindles, a 50,000rpm main spindle and a 120,000rpm finishing spindle in a +/- 1 degree celsius temperature controlled environment.

Fabrication step: Material Synthesis and Macro fabrication
Function: Microfluidics & subtractive fabrication
Location: University of South Australia
Purpose: To directly machine channel geometries and features into substrate, to mill hot embossing stamps and jigs that may be used to fabricate microstructured features in devices
Material systems: Ceramic, glasses, metal, polymers and semiconductors
Node: South Australia
Scale/volume: Single part to low batch machining
Specifications/resolution: 10nm precisional accuracy on up to 4Kg parts and two spindles - electric to 50,000 rpm and air to 160,000 rpm