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Streaming potential - surface charge measurement

The SurPASS streaming potential (surface charge measurement) instrument by Anton Paar is an electrokinetic analyser for solid surface analysis and deals with the properties and behaviour of surfaces of various macroscopic solids.

The zeta potential is an indicator for the charge formation at the solid/liquid interface. The SurPASS is an analytical instrument for research and development which is used in many fields of applications, e.g. membranes, biomaterials and semiconductors. The knowledge of zeta potential is important to understand the behaviour of solid materials in many technical and biological processes. Information provided by the SurPASS thus helps to efficiently modify material surfaces to fulfil certain conditions.

Fabrication step: Material Synthesis and Macro fabrication
Function: Surface fabrication
Location: University of Queensland
Purpose: Surface charge measurement
Material systems: Solid surfaces
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: 55mm x 25mm solid substrates