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High-throughput synthesis unit

The high-throughput synthesis unit is a tool that can be used for product development. It contains an automated liquid handling and several small reaction vessels to aid in the development of different trial conditions for synthetic organic reactions and polymer synthesis.

The Mettler-Toledo ART-1250 platform comes with a liquid-handling robotic arm and several 20mL reactors for high-throughput organic synthesis.

Examples of use:

      The trial of differing molecular weights on the development of a polymer resist. Differing conditions like initiator concentrations and relative monomer concentrations can be trialled in small quantities so that the perfect synthesis conditions can be determined. Then scale¬up on the correct conditions can be trialled without expending too much effort and expensive chemicals.

Fabrication step: Material Synthesis and Macro fabrication
Function: Polymer synthesis
Location: University of Queensland
Node: Queensland