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Spinning machine

Spinning machine

Fabrication step: Material Synthesis and Macro fabrication
Function: Fibres
Location: University of Wollongong
Purpose: Enable wet spinning of variety of spinning formulations (including biopolymers conducting polymers carbon nanotubes). The specially designed spinneret heads will facilitate production of different fiber shapes and configurations including core shell fibers
Material systems: Biopolymers Conducting Polymers Carbon Nanotubes Biodegradeable materials
Node: Materials
Scale/volume: 10 200um dismeter fibres with a capability for hollow and two component fibre spinning. Production rates from 1m fibre lengths to contiunous production at fibre spinning speeds of up to 50m/min.
Specifications/resolution: • 2 50 cc pistons for spinneret (Fibre types: homofilament side by side sheath / core 16 segment pie 25 islands in the sea) • maximum 1000 meter/minute winder • Reservoir (dope tank) filtering system metering pump coagulation baths (heating and cooling ~0 100°C) washing baths (30 100°C) Drawing baths steam stretch heater plate and winder.