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3D extrusion - bio printer

3D extrusion (bio) printer

Fabrication step: Material Synthesis and Macro fabrication
Function: Additive fabrication
Location: University of Wollongong
Purpose: Production of 3 dimensional polymer based scaffolds for tissue engineering applications. The printer is controlled by a CAD based system and is able to print multiple polymers simultaneously. The printed scaffolds can be used as cell culture platform as well as drug delivery systems. The printer also has the capability to print cells in conjunction with the polymers.
Material systems: All organic and/or aqueous soluble biopolymer degradable polymers conducting polymers carbon nanotube dispersions and hydrogels.
Node: Materials
Scale/volume: 10 120mm dia fibres configured into 3D scaffolds (range 0.05 x 0.05 x 0.05 cm to 4 x 4 x 4cm). Polymer volumes of 5 10mL can be dispensed.
Specifications/resolution: 3D 600 HP printer: 600x600mm stage X/Y accuracy 1um X/Y Resolution 0.1um X/Y print speeds of up to 3m/s Z height 150mm Z Resolution 0.5um Z speed 400mm/s