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Transistor pumps electrons one by one

Scientists have now pumped electrons with a silicon transistor more accurately than ever before. This device fabricated at the NSW node of ANFF can potentially be used to set a new definition for electric current, the ampere. The results were recently published in Nano Letters.

Accurate and fast electron pumping has been an important scientific and technological goal for decades. Now scientists have pumped 500 million electrons per second with 99.997% accuracy. The electron pump was a quantum-dot transistor fabricated using scalable silicon technology.

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ANFF Summer 2014 newsletter

The ANFF Summer 2014 newsletter has information on 2014 ANFF Annual Showcase, Powerful artificial muscles made from fishing line or sewing thread, a Mining technology company and ANFF client acquired for $76 million, launch of the OptoFab Node of ANFF.

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2013 ANFF Casebook released

The 2013 ANFF casebook "Building Competitive Advantage" was released at the 2013 ANFF Annual Research Showcaes with a wide range of case studies that illustrate the opportunities that are emerging in Nanotechnology.

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ANFF Spring 2013 newsletter

In this issue: Metamaterial lenses, three new startup companies, Australian Institute of Nanosciences, Around the nodes ...

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ANFF Summer 2013 newsletter

In this issue: Detecting cancer cells, the NNRS launch, Providing solutions ANFF showcase, Around the nodes ...

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ANFF Spring 2012 newsletter

In this issue: The single atom quantum bit in silicon, ANFF at the Australian Museum Eureka awards, Silicon Carbide - the greem semiconductor and the M2 building unveiled...

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ANFF in the war against terror

A device that can quickly and reliably detect sarin, the colourless and odourless gas responsible for the 1995 terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, has been developed at ANFF.

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3D rock analysis helping the mining boom

The ability to rapidly and efficiently analyse core samples for prospective oil and gas exploration operations using micro and nanotechnology is enabling more effective extraction of hydrocarbons.

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Successful candidate in ANFF SA start up July 2012 awards

ANFF-SA is pleased to announce the awardee of the July round of their Start-up Grant...

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ANFF July 2012 Newsletter

Science and technology, developing manufacturing processes for SMEs, supporting research & innovation, ANFF-SA short course a big success, keeping up with international best practice in laboratory management and more...

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