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Quantum Computers: A giant leap towards mass production in silicon foundries

Two research teams using the advanced nanotechnologies at the NSW Node of ANFF have found distinct solutions to a critical challenge that has held back the realisation of super powerful quantum computers.

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2014 Annual Research Showcase abstract submissions have closed

The 2014 ANFF Research Showcase abstract submissions have closed.

Vaxxas has been named a 2015 Technology Pioneer

Vaxxas has been named a 2015 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. The University of Queensland Spinout company, based at ANFF-Q, won the award for the innovative needle-free vaccine delivery technology it is seeking to commercialise.

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New guide to US defence research agency funding available.

The Embassy of Australia, Education and Science Office, has produced an informal guide for Australian Researchers on key US defence research agencies funding.

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ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science Launch: New Funding to take discoveries to new dimensions

Yesterday, Senator the Hon Concetta Fierravanti-Wells launched a new ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) with $25 million in Federal Government funding that will see the University of Wollongong heading up an international materials research effort.

ACES, which now brings together six Australian and five international partners, will embark on an ambitious program that will take materials science research, training, commercialisation and engagement programs into new dimensions through to 2020.

Professor Gordon Wallace, Director of both ACES and the Materials Node of ANFF, said ACES will build on its internationally recognised fundamental research program to fast track the development of new industries and manufacturing opportunities around the next generation of batteries, solar cells and medical implants.

“We enter this new era with a confidence that comes from having established a world class body of knowledge through our previously funded ARC Centre of Excellence,” Professor Wallace said.

“Having revealed the amazing properties of electromaterials encountered in the nanodomain, we are now challenged to take these properties into structures, with nano-micron sized features suitably distributed throughout macroscopic devices,” he said.

With the support of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) and NSW Government funding, ACES will take advantage of advanced 3D fabrication equipment and engineering expertise to provide the transition from fundamental research to workable 3D products.

The new centre will be a hub for the ongoing development of new industries and a training ground for the next generation of researchers who will lead them.

“ACES will be a cauldron of research activity that will challenge the most gifted researchers attracted from around the globe as well as provide an excellent training ground for students.”

Recruitment Drive at NSW Node

The NSW Node, based at the University of New South Wales is seeking to expand its team with the following positions now available:
Facility Projects Manager
Process Engineer – Nanofabrication
Process Engineer – Chemistry
Technical Officer – Electronics

Please follow the link below for more information, selection criteria and an online application form:

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COMMAD 2014 December 14 - 17 Perth WA

The upcoming COMMAD 2014 Conference on Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices will bring together industrial collaborators, scientists, engineers and students to discuss new and exciting advances in the fields of optoelectronic and microelectronic materials and devices.

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Transistor pumps electrons one by one

Scientists have now pumped electrons with a silicon transistor more accurately than ever before. This device fabricated at the NSW node of ANFF can potentially be used to set a new definition for electric current, the ampere. The results were recently published in Nano Letters.

Accurate and fast electron pumping has been an important scientific and technological goal for decades. Now scientists have pumped 500 million electrons per second with 99.997% accuracy. The electron pump was a quantum-dot transistor fabricated using scalable silicon technology.

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ANFF Summer 2014 newsletter

The ANFF Summer 2014 newsletter has information on 2014 ANFF Annual Showcase, Powerful artificial muscles made from fishing line or sewing thread, a Mining technology company and ANFF client acquired for $76 million, launch of the OptoFab Node of ANFF.

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2013 ANFF Casebook released

The 2013 ANFF casebook "Building Competitive Advantage" was released at the 2013 ANFF Annual Research Showcaes with a wide range of case studies that illustrate the opportunities that are emerging in Nanotechnology.

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