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Introducing ANFF’s COO

ANFF is delighted to announce that Dr Jane Fitzpatrick will be joining the ANFF team as Chief Operating Officer. She will be assuming her new role on 14 January 2019.

As COO, Jane will be the primary liaison between the ANFF team at headquarters and the 8 distributed Nodes that form the network. She will also be responsible for reporting and the tracking of metrics that are used to exemplify ANFF’s excellence to various stakeholders.

Jane has demonstrated national leadership, reporting, and outreach abilities as part of the ANFF network, most recently as the Facility Manager of ANFF-Q and as Manager of Strategic Initiatives for ANFF. She brings experience in business development and operations management from her previous roles and has a wealth of experience of the ANFF organisation through her involvement since 2010. Jane has a background in biotechnology, has worked in industry and academia, and spent 3 years with a biotech start-up company. 

Through Jane’s appointment, ANFF will be able to continue its remarkable progress while providing further support the Nodes, the CEO, the ANFF Board and the national and international community of ANFF users.