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Org Polym Solar Cell glove box evap spin coats ALD

The dual glovebox system for polymer electronics fabrication provides an inert atmosphere for spin coating, electrode or counter-electrode deposition and assembly of organic photovoltaic (OPV) and other flexible electronic devices. Integrated into the glovebox system is a high vacuum chamber with mask transfer system for the thermal evaporative deposition of patterned electrodes and an atomic layer deposition (ALD) system for counter electrode deposition.

The Angstrom Engineering polymer electronics glovebox system maintains a pure inert atmosphere by circulating dry N2 through a purifier and solvent trap. The dual glovebox arrangement separates processes and chemistries while enabling sample and equipment transfer via a large diameter antechamber. A laminar flow unit and spincoater is installed in the organic chemistry glovebox. Another glovebox has integrated thermal evaporation and atomic layer deposition facilities.

For more information please refer to the link below from Angstrom Engineering.

Organic Polymer/Solar Cell glove box with evaporator spin coaters and ALD

Fabrication step: Device fabrication, packaging and testing
Function: Photovoltaics
Location: Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication
Purpose: OPV and flexible transistor fabrication.
Material systems: Polymers and metal oxides
Node: Victoria
Specifications/resolution: Currently available in the materials library for thermal evaporation is Al, Ag, Ca, MoO3, C60, BCP.