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Wafer dicer

ADT wafer precision dicing saw is used to cut substrates into individual chips or dice. It employs a high-speed spindle fitted with an extremely thin diamond blade to cut with high precision, semiconductor wafers, glass, ceramics and other types of materials. It is capable of processing up to 8 inch wafers.

The dicing machine runs at high power (2.4KW), which makes this instrument capable of cutting hard and thick materials like bonded wafers.

Fabrication step: Device fabrication, packaging and testing
Function: Packaging and testing
Location: University of Queensland
Purpose: Dicing of silicon and other wafers
Material systems: Silicon, glass, germanium and III IV materials wafers
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Single wafer processing up to 8 inch size
Specifications/resolution: Saw blade minimal width of 20 microns with space resolution of 0.1 microns.