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Microfluidic experimentation station 2

The second microfluidic experimentation station is a complete system from Dolomite, UK which consist of a Mitos high speed camera and microscope system. It is a high quality and flexible solution for general microscopy and high speed image capturing in microfluidic applications. It features an easy-to-use microscope with wide zoom range and long working distance.

The Dolomite microscope stage is designed to accommodate all types of microfluidic chips and enables the user to quickly locate and observe the area of interest. The highspeed camera integrates with the microscope and provides image capturing at speeds of over 1090 fps via a firewire link to a desktop PC at resolution of 160 X 96 pixels and 290 frames per second at a moderate resolution of 320 X 240 pixels. Illumination is provided by a 150W illuminator with alternative fiber optic light guides for different lighting options.

This microfluidic station is also equipped with a 02 versatile Mitos Duo XS-pump, a microfluidic pumping solution from Dolomite. It can be configured into 2 refilling flows or 1 continuous flow with a wide flow rate range of 0.1 µl/min to 10 ml/min. It is operated using an intuitive twist and click knob and display or by a PC using free software. The Mitos Duo XS-pump uses advanced electronics to remove the pulsation from the stepper motor drive, providing pulse-free flow. This is required for microfluidic applications where pulsation from the stepper motor can affect performance.

The choice of flow modes allows simple or complex flow control. The pump has two syringes and two multi-port valves allowing it to be configured in a number of ways. As each port can be used to aspirate from or dispense to, the pump can be used as “one to many”, “many to one” or one continuous flow.

Fabrication step: Device fabrication, packaging and testing
Function: Microfluidics
Location: University of Queensland
Node: Queensland