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L-edit capability

L-Edit (v15) is an easy to learn draw type layout editor from Tanner research. While it is primarily a vlsi design tool, it is also flexible enough to do micromachining design, printed circuit board layout, and other CAD work. The multipass display is powerful as layers can be semi-transparent and where two layers overlap, a third color is produced. This works with the hierarchy of cells and layers. Changes to a cell or group of cells are propagated to all instances and arrays. The drawing tool pallet includes standard tools and supports all angles modes and this rare for vlsi CAD programs.

In addition to the full annual maintenance version of L-edit we also have a license to conduct imports and exports of files in different formats namely dxf, gdsii and gerber. Gerber format is especially important for use as our mask making facility usage gerber format for printing.

Fabrication step: Device fabrication, packaging and testing
Function: Semiconductors
Location: University of Queensland
Node: Queensland