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Conventorware software system

The Coventorware software platform incorporates conventor, virtual device fabrication, characterization, multiphysics modeling and simulation software.

Coventorware has established itself as the leading design and simulation suite for all phases of MEMS and microfluidic design – from system level modeling to detailed 3D simulation and optimization, to manufacturing yield enhancement.

The Coventorware software suite is filled with MEMS and microfluidic-specific features that enable to:

  • develop MEMS and microfluidic devices at a lower cost,
  • become productive more quickly, focusing on design instead of software,
  • efficiently design new products, moving them quickly from development into production,
  • rapidly explore and optimize design and process options,
  • adapt existing designs and processes to new markets,
  • efficiently accommodate customer-requested design changes,
  • save fab cycles during development and improve yield.

Coventorware is comprised of four major modules that can be used individually to complement an existing design flow, or jointly to provide a complete design flow. These include architect, designer, analyzer and integrator.

The completeness of the tool suite and the high level of integration among the modules improves overall efficiency and ease of use, freeing users from the burden of manually transferring design data among multiple, stand-alone tools.

Fabrication step: Device fabrication, packaging and testing
Function: Microfluidics
Location: University of Queensland
Node: Queensland