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Agilent semiconductor device analyser

The device analyser is Agilent B1500A with easyexpert software that supports all aspects of parametric testing, from the basic manual measurements to testing of automation across a wafer in conjunction with a semiautomatic wafer prober.

The easyexpert provides a wide array of measurement functions: sweep/spot, multichannel sweep, list sweep, time sampling, quasi-static CV, high frequency CV (to 5 MHz), and a direct control mode. Easyexpert is also supplied with an extensive library of over 230 application tests.

Fabrication step: Device fabrication, packaging and testing
Function: Semiconductors
Location: University of Queensland
Purpose: A device analyser for testing of organic and electronic circuits
Material systems: n/a
Node: Queensland
Scale/volume: Single sample
Specifications/resolution: Testing of electronic devices down to 10 FA.